Veterinary and Farrier Care

Routine veterinary and farrier services are scheduled by the farm. Equine Performax serves the farm with state of the art facilities. Transport services to and from the clinic are also available for health services requiring hospitalization.

Two farriers currently provide services here. Owners are encouraged to participate in these visits, but we are available to handle these for you. De-wormings are also routinely administered to ensure optimal horse health.

Additional Services

  • De-worming
  • Handling for farrier/vet
  • Trailering
  • Grooming once or twice a week
  • Bathing (therapeutic as well as routine)
  • Lay up
  • Temporary or short term board
  • Rehabilitation
  • Wound care and treatment
  • Owners should supply specific supplements, but we are willing to purchase them for you upon request.